about us

Shevocks Flooring is a small town company out of the North Kent County area. A flooring company built on community values. 

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Shevocks Flooring likes the values of helping your neighbors and we do our best to do business that way.

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Over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry has made Shevocks Flooring a company you can trust.

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Shevocks Flooring Opens Doors Teaching the Next Generation the Flooring Trade.

Shevocks Flooring specializes in commerical and residential flooring installation in the areas of hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, vinyl plank flooring, laminate flooring, carpet flooring and more. This company and its crew members have a long history in this area. Most of us grew up here or in nearby areas.


I personally grew up in the Cedar Springs area, and, as a teenager, was the type of teen, that literally needed a community to raise. Many in the community, helped raise me. I found myself getting into trouble a lot. My behavior quickly led to my being incarcerated.

Eventually, I returned to this area, and, with the help of the community again, found a better path in life. I am extremely grateful for the love and support that this community has bestowed upon on me.

Second Chance Opportunities Turn Into Success and Community Good.

Twenty years later, my brother, and I, realized that there was not a next generation of flooring installers. This is something, that is becoming more prevalent in all the building trades. We  had friend’s, family and their kids  who needed  a way to support themselves and their families. With that in mind, we decided to help. We invited them to join us, and become a part of something that could give them a future.


We began teaching the next generation this trade.

Our goal is to teach people a trade that can support them and their needs

Our goal is to teach people a trade that can support them and their needs. We teach them everything from installing products, making bids, to running a company and taxes. We teach them to be our competition. That is something no one has done in this trade. 

It was not long before we needed a building. 

We chose Sand Lake, Michigan. We were invited, to join other communities, but, we liked Sand Lake.  It still has a small town feel, where, people still know their neighbors. This is important to us. We believe in the tradition that neighbors are suppose to help each other; neighbors are suppose be friendly and care for each other.

We do not make our living off the community. We primarily do large bid jobs for contractors all over the nation. We do floors in large apartment complexes all over Michigan. However, we are a part of this community and want to be an asset to the area. We want to offer the community a different option for their flooring needs. A place where you are seen as family and neighbors. A place where you feel that you were treated fairly and not taken advantage of. A place where you can learn anything you want or need about the flooring process without being pressured to hire us.

We are currently remodeling a building in Sand Lake, Michigan and plan to be open the summer of 2020.  We are planning to have a showroom that is more like a home setting, yet, modern enough that you can continue your search without actually having to come into the store. In the mean time, I can help anyone out by appointment. 616.666.1767